Anxiety, OCD, and Phobia therapy for ages 16+ in North Attleboro, MA, and online across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Empowering you with tools to find relief and reclaim your life.

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Does this sound familiar?

You want to live a life free from anxiety, but instead you feel…

  • Paralyzed by the uncertainty of what life (or your “what if” thoughts) could throw at you next?
  • Exhausted by the physical and mental toll of constant worry, intrusive thoughts, or compulsions?
  • Tired of letting fear decide what you can and can’t do?

Hi, I’m Kristyn, and I can help.

I provide therapy for anxiety, OCD, and phobias using techniques backed by neuroscience to help you literally change your brain! My clients walk away from therapy with me feeling empowered, more relaxed, and confident in their ability to handle whatever comes their way.

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Feel calmer and in control using strategies that support immediate and lasting change.

Quiet obsessive thoughts, and gain freedom from repetitive behaviors.

Providing you with the tools you need to overcome your fears.

The Process

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today to schedule a phone consultation or intake appointment.

Work Together

to develop the tools you need to reach your goals.

See Change

as you feel calmer, more present, and empowered to live life on your terms.

It’s time to stop anxiety, OCD, or phobias from holding you back.

Contact me today to take that first step toward a new you that lives in the “what is” instead of the “what ifs.”


Having worked closely with Kristyn for several years, I can confidently say that her compassion, dedication, and clinical skills are second to none. I’d happily refer any of my clients to her and know that they are in good hands. Kristyn is committed to helping others and creating positive change in people’s lives. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their therapist.

– Scott Fantucchio, LMHC

As a fellow clinician, I have had the absolute joy of working with Kristyn for the past few years and highly recommend her practice to anyone! I have always revered Kristyn’s natural ability to connect with her clients by creating a safe and therapeutic environment that promotes healing. Kristyn has always been very passionate about her work and only uses the most proven evidenced based treatments to make sure she is providing ethical and quality care for her clients. Overall, Kristyn is one of the most hard-working and accomplished counselors that I have ever had the privilege to work with and I am more than honored to be able to endorse her practice!

– Robert Titus, LMHC

Psychotherapist Kristyn Kowalski treats anxiety disorders and OCD in-person from her office in North Attleboro and is also licensed to offer telehealth services to clients throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Kristyn is passionate about her work and remains current with best practices and definitively qualifies as the “go to” person in her field. Look no further, she’s the one you want!

– Lance McCormack, Life Force Hypnosis, LLC

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Kristyn Kowalski for several years as a colleague in the Attleboro/North Attleborough area. I can say, without a doubt, that Kristyn is a talented and compassionate therapist, who puts her clients needs first and foremost. She has an amazing work ethic and goes to great lengths to utilize the most effective tools and treatments for treatment success, and applies them with her clients. I frequently refer clients to Kristyn who struggle with severe anxiety and OCD. I feel honored to have worked with Kristyn for so many years.

– Sarah LeBlanc, LICSW

Kristyn and I have been working together for several years. Kristyn is licensed in both MA and RI and is without a doubt one of the best clinicians I know. She has helped so many clients who are struggling with anxiety and OCD. She sees clients in person in North Attleboro and virtually in both MA and RI. If you are looking to find help with anxiety or OCD, I strongly recommend reaching out to Kristyn.

– Becky Comery, LMHC